Microwaves lab Democritus University of Thrace D.U.Th Microwave Lab specializes in Microwave Theory, Antennas, Radars, Mobile Telecommunications, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Biomedical Technology.

There is significant interest in printed antennas especially on anisotropic media, software development for the electromagnetic simulation of microwave structures, high frequency tomography as well as other apropos subjects on wave propagation. As far as microwave circuit design is concerned, there is great activity on all educational and research levels and much effort is put on integrating apropos techniques of electromagnetic band gap and metamaterials. Recently, the related research activity is extended toward the air-interface and RF-front-end for Software Defined (SDR) and Cognitive (CR) Radio.

Facilities/Capabilities: The Laboratory has a fully equipped measurement equipment for linear and non-linear characteristics of microwave devices, subsystems and systems including frequency translating devices and Noise measurements in the frequency range 40MHz-50GHz. In particular, Vector network analyzer for 40MHz-50GHz with two test sets and two frequency synthesizers. Three spectrum analyzers (-3GHz, -22GHz, -50GHz with up to 1Hz resolution). Microelectronic probing 40MHz-50GHz. Simple photonic test equipment. Software: During the diploma/Master and PhD thesis held in the Laboratory a variety of proprietary codes in FEM, FD-FD and Mode-Matching handling tensor permittivity and permeability material loadings have been made and are available from the "Download" section. Several CAD workstations and commercial software for electromagnetic simulation and design are also available.